CrazzyMan said: HOW MUCH COST YOUR MOBILE? HOW OFTEN YOU CHANGE IT? people buy gears of war? don`t they ? almost 4 millions, and mostly only for GRAPHICS, not for 6 hours single player and 5 types of weapon or 10 MP maps? now imagine 10 games, which looks better then gears of war, wouldn`t you buy for them ps3 ? -They have an awesome animation scheme that allows for over 1,200 different unique ways of doings things like taking cover. There's nine screens of Drake taking cover behind a pillar...all of them completely different stances. Freaking awesome (the final game will have 3,000). You understand, that MANY people will upgrade their pc just to play one game - Crysis? =)
What's up with all the Elf Avatar things? Maybe i'm out of the loop. Alright, Crazzyman, I spend maybe 30 bucks a month for my mobile phone. I've had it about a year now, and the last one I had I've had for about 3 years. Most people I know change up their phones once every 2-3 years or so, and probably spend more on service. I believe you are making a flawed comparison on mobile phones and the PS3. Last I checked, I don't carry my Ps3 everywhere with me, and I can't make phone calls with it. Also, people with Mobile phones (especially in the business world) consider the mobile phone to be a necessity. I can't make the same claim with the PS3.