Christopher_G2 said: I really don't see a price cut coming of more than $50 this year. Sony's losing too much money as it is. Things will get brigher. In two years it could a $400 system. If by then it has amazing looking games impossible on the 360, and people are more interested in blue ray, at that price it could do extremely well. Also Sony should get off their ass and make that 20GB PS3 more available. So far they've only put it out in extremely limited quantities. It's $100 cheaper. Many would go for that if they're not worried about having to store lots of data.
Yeah, I agree on the 20GB. Still though, evidence shows a price drop is not out of the question, example Xbox price drop 6 months into production. It's perfectly plausible, and *if* Microsoft were to price drop it doesn't leave Sony much choice. Microsoft and Sony are competing for very similar markets and if the premium was 300 bucks that would be a 200 dollar price difference to the equivalent PS3 system. I would think Sony would have to.