Stromprophet said: I saw an article from an analyst reporting on the February sales of PS3. And they said a PS3 price cut was critical. What do you guys think? Would you buy the PS3 at 100 bucks less?
Well, I wold not, but you can be certain, that there would be some other people who would think differently about it. The problem: I am not so sure if Sony could get support from its banks for such a move. It would probably not be as significant as the current price drop of the Xbox 360. For 300 Euro you find much more people willing to buy, than for 500 Euro for a PS-3. FOr 250 - 200 EUro you would probably reach the borderline for several casual gamers, but this would still be a long way. Even the normal price of 400 Euro for the Xbox 360 was a bit high, but if you ask in the 500 to 600 Euro range you could rephrase the question: Do you want a BluRay Player now? For people who answer yes, the price drop from 600 Euro (798 $) to 500 Euro (665 $) would probably not be so significant.