I don't believe that at all. According to VGCharts' uh...charts, at the time of this writing XBox 360 has sold 5.83 million (approx. 5,830,000 units) in the Americas region so far & Wii has sold 2.30 million (approx. 2,300,000 units). Yes the "Americas" region includes more than USA. It takes all countries of North American continent and all countries of South American continent. Still USA is possibly the MEAT of the region where the majority of sales take place followed by Canada. Though the individual launch dates of this region vary slightly the total XBox 360 has sold in the Americas has been added up since its November 22nd, 2005 launch date. That makes it a total of very soon a calendar 16 months on the market. XBox 360 5.83 million IN 16 calendar months. Half of 5.83 million is 2.915 million or rounded up 2.92 million One-third of 5.83 million is 1.943~ million or rounded down 1.94 million. That's a spread of .98 million between 2.92 mil & 1.94 mil. The halfway point of that is .49 million. The midpoint between the 50% percent mark & the 33% mark is 2.43 million. Wii is approaching fast that midpoint making it closer to half of all XBox 360 Americas sales in the past 16 months or "Year and a Third". Wii has been out in the Americas very soon only a scant 4 months or "Third of a Year" and has sold approx. 39.5% of all XBox 360 Americas sales. Nearly 40% of XBox 360 Americas sales in a Quarter of the time. Wii 2.30 million IN 4 calendar months If we keep these figures even and constant for hypotheticals, multiply Wii's calendar time to match XBox 360's calendar time. Project Wii's sales using current totals up to 16 months to compare to XBox 360's existing sales in their 16 months on the market. 4 calendar months X 4 = 16 calendar months 2.30 mil X 4 = 9.20 mil. So if we keep figures constant as they are now & project equal time on market, Wii has sold 9.20 million units compared to XBox 360's 5.83 million units. Wii would have sold approximately 1 3/5 times as much as XBox 360 if this was the case. Over 1 1/2 times the amount sold if things stayed constant. As it stands now Wii is fast approaching the halfway mark, the 50% percent line of all XBox 360 sales in the Americas ALONE. Give 'em a few more months & a few more big games to change the rates of sales and Wii it won't be long before Wii catches and surpasses the XBox 360. And I guarantee you that you'll see this event This Year. Wii's gonna surpass XBox 360 in Americas region sales in 2007. I guarantee you that. XBox 360 is gonna have some console moving games for sure but to think that Wii can't smell XBox 360 in USA is an oversight to be kind. The math's all there. I showed my work. Discuss. John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot