Spazgadget said: Let's just be clear here. The 360 had a full 12 months head-start on the Wii, with no "next-gen" competiton. Within 5 months, the Wii has sold 6/10 of the 360's current sales total, is outselling it every month, and shows no signs of slowing. I'm not projecting doom for the 360 (I own one) but you gotta admit -- the Wii is doing and amazing job of catching up to a console with way more power and way more games.
I don't know why people tend to go to the extremes. Look, here we have the data of the 4 months we can compare: X360 Nov 06 587,250 3,782,750 X360 Dec 06 1,320,250 5,103,000 X360 Jan 07 332,250 5,435,250 X360 Feb 07 257,500 5,692,750 Wii Nov 06 538,500 538,500 Wii Dec 06 704,750 1,243,250 Wii Jan 07 485,000 1,728,250 Wii Feb 07 379,250 2,107,500 I don't matter the reasons (I know the Wii was/is supply constrained) but, I mean, there two months in wich the Wii has outsold the 360. It's still too early to look for a tendency. The Wii could get cold and the 360 hot in the rest of 2007.