Everybody likes to act like the Wii is going to crush the 360 very soon. And worldwide, that's probably true. But here are the latest NPD LTD's for America: 360-5.1m Wii-1.9m PS3-1.1m So, 360 has a 3.2m lead on the Wii. In feb, Wii outsold 360 by ~100k units. If that holds, Wii will need 32 months to overtake 360, which will be sometime around Dec 2009 or Jan 2010. A very, long time. Now, it's very possible Wii could outsell the 360 by an average of more than 100k per month. Particularly in the high sales months of Dec/Nov. So I ran another projection where basically the Wii outsells the 360 by an average of 100k for 10 months of the year, then by an average of 350k each Nov and Dec. This works out to a nice overall monthly average of 150k. If you go by that 150k average, it still takes the Wii ~21 months to overtake 360, or sometime late 2008/early 2009. Still a pretty long time. I think, there are a ton of variables here. Wii could lose it's novelty and begin selling less. 360 could also start to sell more with more price drops. So it's not certain at all what will happen long term, but, just let it be known it's going to take a lot longer than people think for Wii to overtake 360 in America, if ever.