Garcian Smith said:
NiKKoM said:
So why are we wasting time on forevercloud3000?? He is one of the biggest fanboys on this site.. of Final Fantasy & the PS3.. He even compared FFvii with Star Wars and Star Trek (and Buffy) as a cultural phenomenon in another thread.. We can't argue with him.. he doesn't listen..


He's not even an entertaining fanboy like CrazzyMan; he's just an all-around terrible poster who thinks he's some sort of forum superstar.


WOW NikkoM, again? You keep coming back to my threads why? You say you don't like them yet you constantly return to either bash me or flambait my threads. Garcian, I barely know you, what calls for such hatred, i do not know.

First off, I was loosely joking with the "Star Wars" thing (in a manner of speaking). FFVII is no where near as well known. Yet that does not change the fact it has decent percentage of popularity. Enough to make it Pop Culture.

I dont see the issue with this(or my previous ones) you guys find. I started this thread for a little discussion on how I think FFVII is the best game evaa(at least RPG wise). I also stated at the bottom of my post  that I wanted people to say if they don't like it or think a different one is better than give details. Thats it. I am not dismissing anyone's OPINION I am simply arguing theirs as they argue mines. Is there something wrong with that?

People like you two are SAD! Constantly trolling other people's threads just to try and point out every tiny flaw. O look I spelled something wrong, BURN HIM! That I must say is retarded. If you don't like the topics I start, why even show up?

And if anyone has a fat head it is you too, constantly showing up with this holier than thou attitude. I never claim to be anything other than me, I am a bit fanboyish but isn't everyone. Fonboyishness, at least mines, stems from an adoring love for a product that I have ran through the gauntlet and it has survived. It is in no way blind love, It has been very well earned. Yet I am not afraid to point out their flaws.

In Closing: if you are not going to add anything to the discussion, STAY OUT PLEASE! There is no need for you here...




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