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Wow ,so those were the legit numbers .

I dont get it ,the PSP is selling like a top console ,it would be a generation leader with these numbers ....and it still is doubled in sales by the DS !This is madness ! I really dont understand the monster numbers of the DS ,its truly astounding .

And the PS2 ,when it appeared it was on the decline it manages another month at 291 000 consoles sold .It is truly unbeliable ,aside the Wii it is outselling its younger sibling and the X360 ....very serious in the last case ,as soon it will be 2 years in the market and in the two years it will have benn outsold by the PS2 .

The Wii is very very strong ,although measured in weekly sales it has slowed down something ....considering it sold 338K units in 4 weeks in May the 5 weeks number for June should have been some 420 K units not 380K .Still ,mighty impressive .

As for the X360 and the PS3 they have pretty much managed the same numbers as last month ,once we take in account it was 5 weeks instead of 4 .