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The VGCharts 5 week totals changed slightly when I woke up today..but here are the updated totals over the comparable period...

DS - 518,321

Wii - 472,973

PSP - 267,567

PS2 - 243,580

Xbox 360 - 227,275

GBA - 95,398

PS3 - 88,956

GC - 13,234

The differences are minor in all cases, PSP, PS2, GC did not change.  DS, 360, and GBA saw increases in about 1-3k per week (on average), PS3 saw a decrease of 1k per week on average, and Wii saw an increase of 8k per week (likely because of stronger than expected Canadian numbers - no one expected over ~40k for Canada for Wii, Wii did 53k though).

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