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Heidir said: bunkum said: Nintendo DS 485,149 Wii 335,324 PlayStation 2 295,102 Xbox 360 228,225 PlayStation Portable 175,651 Game Boy Advance 135,887 PlayStation 3 127,321 GameCube 23,844 Xbox 480
I would *almost* eat a human baby if those #s were true. Exactly where the Wii should be on the dot (20% less than Jan, give or take). Wayyyyyyyy up for NDS Great for PS2, way above what it shoulda bee. Still a beast in the West. Decent for the 360 (better than last Feb, a decent decrease from Jan, but ok) PSP where it should be GBA doing great PS3 on official life support USA. X360 J-bomb

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.