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These threads are hilarious!
Well, let's see:
Squall is just... urgh.
He just do what he does for all the wrong reasons.
I hate how FF8 was like a love story. "I don't care about saving the
world, I just want the girl!". Urgh...
CLoud was realy messed up and all (I don't realy think he is the best
protagonist), but at least he's motives weren't about...pussy!
Love stories are ok... if they're not in the center stage
Also, comparing things like "Lionheart does more damage than Ominislash, so
Squall wins" is completely stupid... I could easily say that Freya from
Valkyrie Profile destroys them both with her Ether Strike, but I don't do that 'cause the games are different, and they use different numbers.

Quem disse que a boca é tua?

Qual é, Dadinho...?

Dadinho é o caralho! Meu nome agora é Zé Pequeno!