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Words Of Wisdom said:
theprof00 said:
Words Of Wisdom said:
||DeOn|| said:

(i think squall would kick clouds ass)


I like Squall more than Cloud.  Cloud had about as much personality as a plank of wood but Squall had about as much personality as a plank of wood... with an angry face and "...whatever" written on it.

But Cloud would win.  The Materia system is just better.

perfect description of squall imho.

you are wrong tho, squall has twice the firepower since his ultimate weapon is like +4 more than cloud's, and he can simply draw any magic out of cloud, so he has twice the magic, and a slightly better sword. plus cloud is made out of legos.

Cloud comes back to life every time he dies.  Squall just dies.  ^_^

PS:  I like these threads. 


 thanks ;]