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||DeOn|| said:
dib8rman said:
This is a game sales tracking website, "content is king", where is your content?

How is this directly productive of the context of this website, in which way does this thread garner the purpose intended by this website?


 oooohhhh i see now lol...thanks 4 pointing this out...well since this is the last time im doing this type of post..why dont u choose 1 4 old time sake lmao

Could you answer my questions for old time sake, or at least provide constructive content pertinant to sales.

An example I assume you want. then how about did FF7 sell better than FF8 (VGC copies sold here) because of the (catalyst here) and that would be a empty model of what I'm asking you to provide, not an editorial just something to think about.

Of course you can post whatever you want to. I would of course love if you answered my quoted questions for old time sake.

I'm Unamerica and you can too.

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