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omg i am going to kill you deon. I am going to find someone to hack you and get your address, and at first it is goig to be small time, like ordering pizzas to your house, and then i'll cut 1x1 foot patches of grass out of your lawn, and maybe pee on your doorknob in the winter. then it will move up to breaking your mailbox, or tping the trees, and using your phone number in surveys online. Then i will drop food accidentally on you at the mall and sincerely apologize and give you 20 bucks for dry cleaning, but you'll have seen my face, but you won't know what's coming. You'll just think it was a random event, and then one day you will get some chinese delivered to your house, and instead of the delivery boy it will be me because i killed him and his blood will be on the delivery vest, but it'll be small and you won't notice it, because you'll be like, don't i know this person from somewhere, and you'll stare at me and i'll stare right back. And that's when the attack comes, not from the front, but from the sides.... and the other two raptors.... you didn't even know were there.