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Skeeuk said:
mgs4 is a better game than gear of war. "only xbox fanboys say otherwise" "no matter how good a game is on ps3 xbox fanboys will always say gears of war is better" theres no point asking questions like this


Thank you for calling me an xbox fanboy. I am not that. I was a huge MGS "mark". MGS4 changed my mind out how great the series was. Hell, I own the domain "metalgearsolidus". I was a Metal Gear fanboy. If I'm saying Gears is a better game (IMO) I am not lying. Screw story...gameplay is what makes a game and Gears plays better then MGS4 hands down. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion and mine doesn't make me a fanboy.

To the modertaters I apoligize for going a bit off topic.

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