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Squilliam said:
disolitude said:
Squilliam said:
I would have to say Gears but I hate them both, I just hate gears less.

Cliffy B can still make games for me... but Kojima won't.


 lol. If I was Kojima I'd be really offended if I read this on some blog.

Cliffy B will protect me, hes got muscles! xD

I wonder sometimes if Epics inspiration is homoerotic tension in the work-place. Their games have gone like this Jill of the Jungle - Unreal - Unreal Tournament - Gears of War, which is Female to big man in a suit to even bigger men in even bigger suits. There must be some sort of pink flag explanation for that.


haha. The thing about Epic games is that they are a private company. No public traded stocks gives a company more freedom to do whatever they want to do.

So yeah, maybe they do have homoerotic fantasies...they don't have to worry if making games based on their fantasies will make the stock go up or down. They can actually make them a reality...

That gears gun that Cliffy B carries around all the time could be more than jsut a toy gun you know. ;)