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Squilliam said:
||DeOn|| said:
Squilliam said:
disolitude said:
Squilliam said:
I would have to say Gears but I hate them both, I just hate gears less.

Cliffy B can still make games for me... but Kojima won't.


 lol. If I was Kojima I'd be really offended if I read this on some blog.

Cliffy B will protect me, hes got muscles! xD

I wonder sometimes if Epics inspiration is homoerotic tension in the work-place. Their games have gone like this Jill of the Jungle - Unreal - Unreal Tournament - Gears of War, which is Female to big man in a suit to even bigger men in even bigger suits. There must be some sort of pink flag explanation for that.


umm..why did i just feel a gay vibe in that last comment(no offense)



 You got a problem with the gay vibe? just sayin like y r u bringin up this dudes muscles and shit.....and ur makin it seem like u like gears over mgs because cliff has muscles =/