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||DeOn|| said:
Sqrl said:

Please don't use all caps in your thread titles, normal use of capitalization will do just fine. uhhh r u gonna pick a game or what?


Well if you insist I personally enjoyed MGS4 more. 

I thought the cover system was the best part of Gears even though it took some getting used to. The storyline was somewhat bland and really never interested me at all.  But my biggest gripe was the color pallete, the game just has far too many shades of gray and brown.

MGS4 suffered from a bland color pallete as well in several stages but it didn't fall short in the story department and delivered what fans have come to expect(ie demand) of the series, with that said there were some rather longwinded cutscenes but somehow they were still interesting enough to be worth watching, despite their length.  In terms of gameplay I wasn't blown away by MGS4 as it had a few problems in responsiveness, I also had a problem with the game forcing me from prone to crouch when I was near a wall which of course ruins your cammo % and is extremely annoying.  Also the shooting controls I thought were terrible, which wouldn't be a problem if you truly could sneak your way through the game but some situations require it.

Note that I'm focusing on the problems with the games, there are plenty of positives for each game I'm just focusing on what I didn't like since its probably a shorter and more interesting list.

Both games have their flaws but both are solid titles in their own right.  For my taste I just preferred MGS4 more but if I'm being honest I would have enjoyed MGS4 even more if it had just been a 15 hour movie.  But then I'm not a fan of the series so thats probably just me.

edit: Actually thats not entirely true, I've played the previous MGS games so I guess technically I could be considered a fan... I'm just a very undevoted fan.

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