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Sqrl said:
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Sqrl said:
DMeisterJ said:
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PDF said:
why is this in the sony forum?

I am kind of a fanboy but I listen to reason. I am just really loyal and like to stick with the things that I choose as long as they keep me happy.

Freudian slip by the OP?  Nah just joking, I have no idea why he chose to put it here =P

I don't want to be a n00b, but what's a "Freudian Slip"?

Well rather than attempt a definition myself I copied and pasted this one for you:

"A Freudian slip, or parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is believed to be caused by the unconscious mind.

Some errors, such as a man accidentally calling his wife by the name of another woman, seem to represent relatively clear cases of Freudian slips. In other cases, the error might appear to be trivial or bizarre, but may show some deeper meaning on analysis. As a common pun goes, "A Freudian slip is like saying one thing, but meaning your mother." A Freudian slip is not limited to a slip of the tongue, or to sexual desires. It can extend to our word perception where we might read a word incorrectly because of our fixations. It is important to note that these slips are semi-conscious. This is to say that these thoughts are consciously repressed and then unconsciously released. This is unlike true Freudian repression, which is the unconscious act of making something conscious."

In short I was implying that he subconciously felt it was the most appropriate place for it.


r u like the wise person of this site??!!? =P



Honestly, there is no "the wise person" on this site. And if there were it probably wouldn't be me.



 oooohhh so u locked my other ur like the manager of this site or sumthin