Do you still play with Ps2?

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yeah jst catching all the legend games i never played and replaying many other

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In short...YES...I have not played all the classics that are on the PS2


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Never had one. I have a 60GB PS3. But once I beat MGS2, MGS3, and Silent Hill 2, I didn't plan on playing it again =/

Nope. Then again, I never owned one.

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Not as much as the Wii. Almost as much as the 360, but that's not saying much.

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Yep! Got too many games to still play on it. I missed out.

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Nope. I don't even have a PS2... :(


My brother just got back into play THUG (Tony Hawks UnderGround) Online. He hasn't played it in over 4 years. Anyways I play Socom 2 every now and then. I bought Socom Confrontation and heard people saying how that game was crap and socom 2 is so much better so I wanted to try it out. Tried the online and it was actually pretty good. I don't play it much but it's a good game.

Kingdom Hearts 2 will be the last PS2 game I ever play.
I just want to focus on building my Wii/360 library at this point. With the exception of a few PS1/PS2 Final Fantasies and Persona games, I don't want anything else the console has to offer; I'm satisfied.

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I play my PS2 more than my PS3 if you look at a monthly basis, but haven't played my PS1 in about 4 months. I still have a lot of PS2 games to finish. Hope they bring PS2B/C to PS3. Then PS3 becomes my favourite console of all time. That is if they let my download PS2 classics.