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OFFICIAL: Tekken Movie Trailer OMG

Tekken movie trailer is extremely impressive and looks to be a great representation of the game. The fans will be shocked to see that this doesn't appear to end up like the Street Fighter movie with Jean Claude Van Damme.

The creators behind the Tekken movie seems to have taken precious time to properly represent a legendary franchise from the small screen to the big screen check it out
My opinion:
Well.. It actually looks decent. While I don't think it looks oscar worthy, it may actually be a none shitty video game movie. I do have some small concerns though.. as the plot looks a bit generic .. ie love story (with who btw ? closest thing theres been between jin and anyone would be ling xiaoyu).. guy sets out for revenge bla bla bla. I feel like we have seen the way the story plays before according to the trailer atleast..
But  I gotta say... It does look better than I expected it to.

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It might be faithful to Tekken, but it looks average still :/

Looks like it won't be any good.

Well concidering the other movies of this kind (street fighter, mortal kombat) :p it looks above the average.. well the average of these movies quality. Compaired to the rest of the market. it looks very average though..

I'll watch it either way :p

It is tekken afterall.

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The guys aren't nearly as Big and Mean enough like in the games, and the girls aren't cute and hot enough like in the games.

I will give them a plus for one thing though, the SONG being played in the backround.


I have that song on my PS3 and its the song i play when i was playing Tekken 6, it just matchs it so well and since the same band made a song for the Street fighter movie its only right that the other one would fit tekken.

Thats kinda disturbing because i told all my friends if they ever made a tekken movie that, that song would be used... kinda creepy actually...

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I'll most likely watch it even if the critics slaughter it. I hope King & Yoshimitsu make an appearance..



I will say one thing though, the guy playing Eddie is PERFECT! I said a couple of years back that he was perfect for the part. Anyone remember him from The Protector with Tony Jaa? I am pretty sure that's the same guy from TP playing Eddie.

OMG It looks horrible.

......it wasn't like i was expecting it to be good

but still :(

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