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People, I am extremely worried about this game performing well commercially. Some might blame it on the advertising, but, God of War 3 isn't even advertised yet. Look at the pre-orders for that. Sure GoW is a more mainstream franchise, but comparatively, NMH2 should have around 30-40k pre-orders as of now.


I think it being released after the holidays might hurt the sales a bit. Also it being released close to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom might hurt it. This mature series is exclusive to Wii (not including the first port) and was Wii-Born. I believe that the series is really fun and not bad. So why not go out and support this game, because it deserves it.


Can you guys tell me if you pre-ordered it, are planning on pre-ordering it, are buying it first day or buying it at all? Also tell me your first week prediction WW, and Lifetime WW sales.


I am buying it in the second week of release as I have exams the week it releases. My first week predictions is around 105k opening week WW. Lifetime sales should be close to 550k.



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i think it will perform the same as the original.. remember its not a big franchise and plus suda's game never makes a million.. no more heroes was his first game that sold good for him.. i am pre-ordering it this week if its on the preorders in Australia game shops.. actually im more worried that this fucker Atkinson of Australian gov declined classification for this game.. if he did i will walk into his office and shoot the old cunt lol

It's extremely unlikely that I won't buy this, but i never pre-order.

I never pre-order games. I've never encountered any situation where a new game was sold out, and I couldn't just find it for sale when I wanted it, as far as I know.

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I have recently felt that preordering games help them succeed. It creates more shelf space in stores. It also creates more visibility on the web, getting into the TOP 10 or what's HOT etc. Its a small version of advertising

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I am getting it, might not be first week but I am getting it.
And I don't pre-order games.

pre-ordering is a more American thing, but more importantly for this it is also more oriented to your non-Wii gamer.

i'll buy it near launch, and i think it will do much better than 1st one, NHM is known as a good game now

I'll wait for a European release date before preordering.

I will be pre-ordering it from Amazon in a week.

I will probably buy this game, but not at launch as I am already getting Sky Crawlers, and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and maybe Pinball Hall of Fame Gotlieb Collection.

Still need to get Silent Hill, FF:CC:CB and Boy and his Blob too. Hate to say it, but this will probably get purchased after a price drop.