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Will definitely buy it, but won't pre-order it unless there's some sort of a deal (discount, or something else included).

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Robin Atkin Downes rules. Still my favorite VA for gaming.

It's just that simple.

Pre-ordered. Can. Not. Wait.

Yes, I know I'm new.

I didnt preorder but ill def buy it first day.

I don't buy games until the reviews are out, hence I never pre-order games.

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i'm not buying it. i have the 1st one and didn't like. Most people i show it to don't like it. if the reviews are really goo, i will buy when its on sale in 6 months. i'm sorry but, i not paying 50 dollars for a ugly looking hack n slash game i can beat in 6hrs. i could rent it and beat it in a day, which will save me money

I'm not buying No More Heroes 2 yet, ONLY because I'm getting Tatsunoko vs Capcom on the same day....I don't have enough money to buy both. So I'll have to get No More Heroes 2 probably next month or so.

I´ll eventually buy it, as I eventually bought the 1st one.

@jt1. Its funny I had the exact opposite experience. I've shown 7 people the original No More Heroes and all but one is interested in the sequel. However his favorite game is Mario Party and Rayman. (Don't ask! And Yes he is straight)