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Is anyone else having the problem of when you're trying to load the site, it gives you a maleware warning, then brings up a fake my computer screen from Windows XP (I have Vista so I knew it was fake) then tells you it found a virus and tries to download something  It has just started happening to me today, I have up-to-date spyware protection (Norton 2007, and McAfee).  Is this only happening to me?  Or is it happening to a lot of people?

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well i tried to enter the site from google search yesterday, and it told me that there was a malware in the page.. but my antivirus didnt detect anything.. maybe its just an error..

We are wii...

I think ioi is well aware of the issues and is working on them...


I have the most updated Norton myself.

Also, when I go to post a thread the section where you type is filled with the Windows symbol in stretched pixels.

PS: I got Norton after VGChartz downloaded a horrible trojan called 'Brave Sentry' It downloaded by itself and destroyed my computer into a million pieces.

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It's not happening to me if thats any help, I get a simple "Free PS3!!" pop up ad.

What part of the world are you living in? The adverts change depending on your location.

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I get pop ups that says my computer apparently have some kind of problem, although I use firefox so I immediately ALT + F4 everything.

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@ NeoRatt

Yeah, I know he is, I just wanted to know if I was the only one facing that problem.

ya its normal, i get it once or twice a day

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Most of this sites problems have been fixed now though.

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