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i never had a problem with thd ps controller however in fighting games in the move list i sometimes have trouble distinguishing between circle and square

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To be honest, this thread strikes me as odd. I never, in a million years, would expect that anyone on this forum would have a problem with button layouts. Many of you probably play a thousand hours of games, or more, per year, how can it be that confusing?


Personally I love the PS layout because it's something unique and different, and it feels more appropriate for games than the letter system.

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wasnt ever really hard for me to memorize.. and i dont even really play PS very much

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The symbols mean something in japanese - although the meaning of two of them are swapped for the rest of the world:
O - confirm (when you come out of a japanese subway station you go through the exists marked with an O)
X - cancel (if you see an subway exit with a cross, that's a no go)

My g/f works for a japanese company and has seen the square and triangle used in spreadsheets for meaning as well, but I've forgotten what.

Have a look here: http://japanesetranslator.co.uk/portfolio/playstation-symbols/


I have more issues with square and circle. other then that im cool.

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Severance said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
I don't care what the buttons say on them. I call them ABXY. If I wanted to play with green triangles, pink squares, purple horseshoes, and green clovers, I'd be playing with my Lucky Charms.

PS controller's not that bad, 'cuz it's just abstract shapes that I refuse to memorize, and if a game has some QTEs that flash giant triangles and circles on the screen for me to continue a cutscene I just stop playing because that's really lazy game design and not actually fun. What really gets me is the 360 controller, that takes the alphabet formula and then intentionally does it backwards to piss me off. There's really no other reason for them to do that. They took something that worked and did it backwards to piss me off.


Yeah, I'm QTE-phobic.  Hate the suckers.  Haven't enjoyed them since the Die Hard games in the arcade, or Space Ace.  Once I realized it was just an excuse to pretend I'm still playing the game while I'm watching a cutscene I hated 'em forever.  That and the penalty for missing one is losing a ton of health or instantly dying, and the reward is just... nothing happens.

And they're the reason I never finished Resident Evi: Umbrella Chronicles.  It's an on-rails light gun game.  I point at the screen and shoot zombies.  It's awesome.  Then all of a sudden, I have half a second to press A and B at the same time or instantly die?

I didn't read anyone's reply, only the OP. I have to say:

Whenever I see someone who owns/owned a PS1/PS2/PS3 and they look down when I tell them to hit the square button (or whatever), I lose a LOT of respect for them.

I mean geez, how long does it take to memorize 4 buttons!?

To this thread: WTF?!

Seriously, it's had the same button layout for the past 15 yrs and it's only 4 buttons. I had a few problems when I first started playing 360 because I kept pressing A instead of X but after a while it just feels natural.

If you're really having trouble with the layout I suggest you play Tekken and learn a character's 10-hit combo. By the end you'll know the button layout and will be able to do QTEs no problem.


the 360 A button confused me for quite a while and the shooting aiming bein ghte other way around in COD (bumper instead of R1)

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