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I am looking very hard into getting this game, but the reviews say the controls are not good.  It even goes to say it takes away from the game itself.  I am a fan of puzzle platformers, but am also not of fan of horrible wii controls!!!  I'm looking to see if any of you have played this, because I would like some good input before I buy this one.

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Rent it first, see for yourself, never trust reviews. Its on my to-buy list myself, currently sitting at around #9 in that order.

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I love the art style of this game, but most probably won't buy it as I suck at 2D platformers (I wasn't even able to finish LostWinds).

Controls suck? They're fine to me.


EDIT: Also there's no use of motion controls or waggle.

It's fine as far as constols go, maybe just a bit simplistic in that dept.

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the reviewers can think the controls suck, but they are massively improved over the old NES version

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I got it for xmas and played it for a couple of hours yesterday. I had no issue with the controls.

I love the art style in the game, it looks beautiful, however I am not big on the gameplay.

Seemed to control fine though. I like hugging the little guy.

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Great game, The controls are fine. Nothing overly wrong with this game imo the blob can be a little slow some times but that's my biggest - point.

Just did my best buy run for gift card use. Saw this game for $20, figured its worth the shot, gonna try it out tomorrow.

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