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Okay, so most people here should be familiar with my love of Motoi Sakuraba's music. I like to check his website's discography page every now and then, but mostly because it has a bit of a habit of leaking games Sakuraba is working on before they're announced.

So I'm looking at the page a few days ago and I see this:

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (GC, Wii)

It actually didn't sink in at first. I initially thought that listing was odd but didn't give much thought to it. Then it hit me - Mario Golf hasn't been ported over to the Wii yet. It makes absolute sense as a NPC title, though.

So I'm pretty sure this is a leak of what's to come. Not a big deal, but I remember a few people clamoring for a NPC of Toadstool Tour so this bit of news should put a smile on their faces.

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It would definatly fit in with the Wii's existing line-ups and the WiiMote would work great at Mario Golf. Hopefully we will see the NPC very soon.


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why dont they make a new mario golf is what i ask


Honestly, it's been such a long time since we've heard about New Play Control at all, I thought the line had been dropped.

I guess it's pretty cool that it's still going.

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remember that guy at gametrailers was talking about a new mario game (not galaxy2 or NSMBWii), and the mario voice actor said something similar...

it sure fits imo, short developement time (likely), not TOO hyped up, mario is in it, and it makes sense as a game concept for them to make a NPC for a golf game, it just makes perfect sense!

gametrailer guy was talking about assasins creed 2

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If it is possible I would like Eternal Darkness in the new play control games.


Considering the huge success of NPC Mario Tennis this seems like a shoo-in. They'll probably drop this when they have a gap in thier release schedule.

Did all the originally announced NPC games even get released in Japan? They certainly haven't here.


kopstudent89 said:
why dont they make a new mario golf is what i ask

No more Camelot ownership, probably. Camelot is independent, though still doing Golden Sun 3.

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