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Okay, so most people here should be familiar with my love of Motoi Sakuraba's music. I like to check his website's discography page every now and then, but mostly because it has a bit of a habit of leaking games Sakuraba is working on before they're announced.

So I'm looking at the page a few days ago and I see this:

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (GC, Wii)

It actually didn't sink in at first. I initially thought that listing was odd but didn't give much thought to it. Then it hit me - Mario Golf hasn't been ported over to the Wii yet. It makes absolute sense as a NPC title, though.

So I'm pretty sure this is a leak of what's to come. Not a big deal, but I remember a few people clamoring for a NPC of Toadstool Tour so this bit of news should put a smile on their faces.

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