Uncharted 2 single player causing PS3's to overheat

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I have a monkey blowing into the vents of my 60GB BC PS3.

No overheating or shutdowns playing it for a couple hours today.

Also, U2 is hands down the most impressive looking (and playing) game I've ever played.


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Yea, I'm gonna file this under; not an issue.

as long as I don't crash or freeze during multiplayer, I'm all cool with it, hasn't happened yet lol.

Well if your ps3 overheats and cuts off and the red light starts blinking again, dont turn it back on... You'll get the YLOD... at least i did

One, when you're dealing in millions (as in games/console combinations) then statistically some are going to conincidently have a failure - as Twest points out.

Two, due to nature of PS3 some may have other factors - for example you can put in new HDD with faster speed that will run hotter than default, and could tip scales.

So, while I don't doubt the reports, I'd need to see a statistically high percentage of failures linked to Uncharted 2 to feel it was anything other than just coincidence of one form or another.

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Played the story mode for 7 hours straight on my launch 60 gig. No problems but my PS3"s fans were running pretty loud.

I've played this game for HOURS on my 80gb thick PS3, absolutely NO issues and my PS3 isn't whining or loud at all.


Sounds to me like you have bad ventilation or haven't properly placed your PS3. 

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Feylic said:
Yea, I'm gonna file this under; not an issue.


I read this report of overheating before I played it last night for about 5hrs.

The fan noise was no louder than usual after playing any other game for about the same length of time.

I'd never checked the heat of the PS3 after playing a game before so therefore really can't compare the difference but my laptop and PC gets far hotter.

The extracted air from the fans wasn't any hotter than I would have expected.

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