Prediction: PS3 Slim will sell mostly to existing PS3 owners

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Less than 10% PC users buy significantly more than average power components, I'd be shocked if more than that share of console owners bought a 2nd console unless the first broke out of warranty...
Maybe it's a possibility in the richest and most consumeristic towns of Japan, USA and EU, but not globally...

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this is simple the slim has 120g at 299 and the fat on has 80g at 299.

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i doubt it somehow,quite a few wii owner are getting one,modnation racers certainly stirred a few

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So, those Famitsu software numbers...

Are they trying to tell us anything?

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Well i bought the launch PS3 and i am excited for the PS3 slim.
My family's getting the slim for blu-ray but for me i would not buy another for gaming.

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Yes, and most Xbox360 owners are just really buying consoles to replace their broken ones, and wii owners buy more wiis because they think it will make them lose more weight if they have like 150 Wiis.

In reality, there are 15,000 PS3 owners, 12,000 Xbox360 owners, and 8,000 Wii owners and they all just have piles of the systems and software.

Give me a flipping break.

well the prediction does seem to be the case in Japan thus far.

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yanamaster said:
well the prediction does seem to be the case in Japan thus far.

If it is the case (and seems to be) the drop off will be very heavy ...


Demotruk said:
So, those Famitsu software numbers...

Are they trying to tell us anything?

Maybe that people are buying from the pre-owned software market primarily, which is a really big market in Japan.


I know everyone is trying to marginalize the PS3 this week in Japan, but let's look at history.  PSP took a little while for software to start showing in the charts after it jumped up in average sales hw wise in 2007.


Just saying...  But anyway, let the bashing continue.

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@OP you made a mistake in the title, you should exchange "PS3" for "Xbox 360" and you would make more sense than "1+1 = 2", it wouldn't make any relevant news or prediction, though