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Also i would just like to say "pwned" because i rememer when they launched the teaser website everyone said shineing force Wii or Shineing force PSP or something Shineing force related as-well as Valkyria 2 (which happend to but still.. the teaser was for Phantasy Star portable 2 after all!) sooo yeah... lolz...

See the White Symbol at the top right cornor? when the teaser website was launched it was spinning round' and round' and i stated "That looks like the final battle symbol from phantasy star portable!!!" and well to be honest it was a wild guess but DAMN, this is the first time i got a new unannoced game right! just abit happy because don't think i ever got a guess right! :D

Anyways for those interested track the site with meh, so far it looks nice and flashy, hope it gets a USA release.

Edit: First in-game screen shot!


Yes thats the opening of the PSP2!! wow so early! OMG SO HYPED!

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Nice, I wish they'd come out with a decent-graphics HD one. Doesn't even have to be great, just decent..Universe was fun.

wOOOOOOOOt this site is SEXY!!!!


That 'silhouette' fight in your sig is awesome!

Yuto is my favorite Character so far

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Phrancheyez said:

That 'silhouette' fight in your sig is awesome!

Thanks man! lol, it pretty much sums up what Dissidia is all about.

@Xxain - Yah he look beastly, but the guy in leather black looks like my kind o' guy.

ZOMG!!!!!!!!! ...im gonna have to get a smaller RoF sig...I must promote this..A F*CKIN CROSSBOW HEA YELL!!!!!

Dunno bout you, but PSP Fanboy Confirmed man, damn so many good games on PSP its not even funny anymore.

I'd also like to add they seem to have added new combo system to PSP2 that was NOT in any other PSU games before, more then likely to deal more damage and stuff.

This WILL be the best JRPG on PSP!!!

Dude..PSP2 has jumped to my most inticipated hopefully we dont have to wait to long for the NA version...and iirc they are updating the battle system..I need this game

its Shining not Shineing