Do you think there will be massive marketing for FFXIII worldwide?

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Well, in another thread we discussed it budget and many said that believe in 60 million budget and some even 100 million budget for this game. Well, if it reaches such astronomic development costs common-sense says it should have a MASSIVE marketing campaign, something like GTA-Halo-WSR had to make it reachs new publics besides that 5 million loyal followers worldwide.

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GTA4 took 100 million to make. I severly doubt that FFXIII cost that much to produce, 60 mill sounds much more likely.

Anyway, yes. FFXIII is going to have an astronomical marketing budget

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Microsoft will give it tons of advertising

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Yeah they will, but FF XIII most likely will cost 60 million in all.




No. I think they will release it in the dead of night and not tell anyone.

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I expect the biggest marketing ever

they had billboards in the most costliest advertising space in LA for FF13 this E3 saying (coming 2010)

if that was anything to go by, thenn in the future we should see huge marketing


lol badgernome. Nothing to see here.


Uhh... yes.

There were like humongous posters in L.A. right?

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No it will not...This game is not that big....



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