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I will first like to give my dear friend, nen-suer, a special thanks for coming up with this idea and providing the images below!

Ladies and gentlemen! I'm sure you've all heard the great news! We will be getting our hands on Assassin's Creed II This November! (Somebody pinch me!!) I'm sure a lot of you are as excited as I am, and that others feet a little hung after completing Assassin's Creed because of the somewhat confusing ending that made you have more questions than answers, but I give you the "hatmoza guarantee" that you will not be disappointed! After an unforgetful journey Desmond Miles took us on with his great ancestor, Al-tair bin La'Ahad (exactly translated to "The flying one, son of none!" Seriously, how sweet is that friggin name!) exploring historical lanscapes and dispatching historical figures of the "Holy Land"via the Animus, we are now going to be in control of yet another ancestor that has a craftier killing instinct. He goes by the Name Ezio Auditore di Firenze (The Flying one, Listener of Florence) who resided in Florence, Italy. Unlike Al-tair he's equipped with two stealth blades! One for each wrist, he has the ability to swim and uses that advantage  to quietly takeout his foes. He's able to disarm his enemies and use those same weapons against them making armed guards just as useless as wondering civilians. and with the help of one of the worlds greatest inventors, Leonardo Da Vinci, It makes him that much deadlier! 

Get ready for a brilliant story to unfold, breathtaking details in graphics of beautiful Venice, astonishing gameplay, and (everyone's favorite) the return of free-roaming. the questions you've been asking you self since 2007 are about to be answered! And the the repetitive argument is going to be put to sleep :-P



  • It's simple really. Just make it clear in your post that you want to be a part of the "Assassin's Creed II Hype Wagon," with your reason for being hyped, and don't forget tell us how you take out the Ezio in the photo you are going to replace. After that, your avatar will be put up! So who's hyped for Assassin's Creed II ?!



Here is our warm welcome! We will be over-joyed to have you aboard our wagon! (Some of you will walk but we will still love you )

And here is our response to anyone that tries to spoil our fun by trolling anything Assassin's Creed related,


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Wow, im not getting the game immediatly but ill will definitly join this. Looks pretty neat

why am i not on this so far? :(


Hell yeah sign me up!  I loved the first one, and the second one looks just amazing.  My 3rd most wanted game this year!

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check the last pic, Altair have something to share with you :P

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This is awesome xD, despite not playing AC1 yet ( I will I will) I am keeping my eye firmly on AC2, put me on the horses head place


Edit - I'll take out Ezio from behind, of course!


nen-suer said:

check the last pic, Altair have something to share with you :P

lool well played

why does he have a mustache and gray eyebrows for that matter x_x !!

Nice thread, hatty. I'll have a ticket!

Im in..

Playing AC1 now, its pretty cool, Altair is a True-BLue badass!

I also respect the color White much more now, really this guys awesome!

Its getting kinda hard though...

Still, AC2 looks like it can blow AC1 right out of the water, and its fun!