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Some of them are also on the xbox 360.

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WheelStriker said:
Some of them are also on the xbox 360.

Well the OP said "list of upcoming games for PS3" not "list of EXCLUSIVE games for ps3".


OT: nice list be getting about 4-5 of them.

hmm so that means no ps3 for me this year, nice, that safes me some money.

Nicely displayed. Uncharted 2 would probably be my day-one purchase, a few others can wait..unless they have wicked limited editions.

Look great there's atleast one interesting game coming each month. Except september, propably gonna wait sometime for getting uncharted 2 it will definately become platinum and I'll get it and the prequel at the same time.

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Too much to buy in October...

I might have to delay getting a PSP GO

iron_megalith said:
I don't like how the uncharted 2 box looks like. :(

I think it's fan made.

Lets see, the potential buys for me are

Need for Speed: Shift
Brutal Legend
Ratchet & Clank
Assassin's Creed II
The Saboteur

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There are a lot of games to look forward to in these coming months. Can't wait till Tekken 6 is released. I am definitely purchasing Guitar Hero 5. Beatles RockBand will probably sell well on all consoles.


It appaears that September is going to be where my holiday season interest is at its peak. 

August :







These are the titles I'm interested in...There are more and there is a likelihood of me getting some of these titles for the 360 but I am not sure of anything specific driving me to those games.

Titles I'm buying w/o a second thought first day are R&C, Uncharted 2, Assassin's Creed II, Katamari Forever and Dante's Inferno (even if I could have sworn that was a 2010 release).