Betting Time: Week 1 for MH3, WSR, DQIX & HW Boosts in Japan

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DQIX FW = 2.8 million
DQIX LT = 4.9 million
DS HW FW = 215k

MH3 FW = 500k
MH3 LT = 1.7 million
Wii HW FW = 130k

WSR FW = 300k
WSR LT = 2.7 million
Wii HW FW = 55k

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Wii Sports Resorts
sw 350k opening
hw 65k

Dragon Quest IX
sw 2.4m opening
hw 235k

Monster Hunter 3
650k opening
hw 120k

monster hunter 3 : 1st week - 800k , lifetime - 3million, 120k hardware
dragon quest 9 : 1st week - 2.5million, lifetime - 6million, 200k hardware
wiisportsresort : 1st week - 500k, lifetime - 5million, 90k hardware






you certainly have a very very high lifetime expectations for all 3 titles...

MikeB predicts that the PS3 will sell about 140 million units by the end of 2016 and triple the amount of 360s in the long run.


Remember Japan is the worst region for legs, and games like DQIX sells tons in first week, but sometimes don't even are able to make another million with the legs. MH is bundled and proved to be a leg series, it'll have legs for sure because of word of mouth, a better OP than MHF2G is probably reality, but don't expect the same kind of legs. If it doubles first week sales will be just expected.

Wii Sports Resorts in other hands will be a monster legs game.

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My Bets

DQIX FW: 2.8million
DQIX LTD: 4 million

MH3: Just can't predict

Wii Sports Resorts FW:600k
Wii Sports Resorst ltd:3.5 million

Those are some great games and numbers, hope they succeed.

This is HARD!

Ok I predict:

Dragon Quest IX

First week: 2,4 million
Lifetime: 3,6-4 million
Hardware: No idea, 130 k ?

Monster Hunter 3

First week: 500-600 k
Lifetime: 1,1-1,2 million (at least I hope it will be a millionseller)
Hardware: 90 k

Wii Sport Resort

First week: 250-300 k
Lifetime: 3,5 million
Hardware: 30 k

I don´t know, it´s extremely hard to predict these games except Dragon Quest IX which we all know will be huge (have a HUGE first week and then fizzle out after awhile). I really hope that Wii Sports Resort and escpecially Monster Hunter 3 will become millionsellers but it´s hard to tell with MH 3. Wii Sports Resort should do it with great legs but I do not expect it to have a huge first week and the hardware boost from it I predict to be smaller than most think (I hope I´m wrong though, would be great to see it have a big effect but I see it more as a small steady longtermboost, I think 30 k would be realistic). Hardwareboost from MH 3 should be huge though with bundles and new color + the fact that it will likely draw in a new audience.

Wii Sport Resorts:
FW: 180k
LT: 2.5m
HW: 30k

Dragon Quest IX:
FW: 2.1m
LT: 3.3 m
HW : 120k

Monster Hunter 3 :
FW : 400k
LT : 1.2m
HW : 60k

oooh this is fun

monster hunter 3 : 1st week - 400k , lifetime - 1.5million, 100k hardware
dragon quest 9 : 1st week - 2.3million, lifetime - 4million, 200k hardware
wiisportsresort : 1st week - 300k, lifetime - 9million, 60k hardware