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     Microsoft is having a disastrous E3 Conference.  I think they've lost all momentum as a result of this.

     First a bit about the games.  The Games that they've announced so far haven't been anything to bad.  Some of them Modern Warfare 2, Shadow Complex, and possibly the new Splinter Cell are and will be quite good.

     However, it appears that Microsoft is now trying to milk the Halo series for all its worth and it looks as if its worth is declining rapidly from the video shown of ODST and Halo: Reach.  Where is Peter Jackson when you need him to save this mess.

     Alan Wake was shown in playable form.  However, it looks nothing as good as the most recent videos for Sony's Heavy Rain.  And, even worse than that it has been postponed until Spring 2010.  This game has been in development since 2005 at least.  And, if you listen to xbox fans and history it is the Sony Playstation that always has there games postponed.  Well, not in this case.  I mean Killzone 2 came out this January (looking far better than the new Halo games premiering today) and most likely both GT5 and FFXIII will be out in Japan by the end of the year.

    Then they went into a long discussion about how you can watch movies and tv shows on 360 and use it for social networking.  I don't buy videogame consoles for that purpose.  Game consoles are for games.

     Kojima came out to announce Metal Gear Solid Rising for the 360.  But Solid Snake is retired and no one really cares about Metal Gear Solid post Snake.  If it had been the announcement of MGS 4 or Policenauts 2 coming to 360 maybe it could have had some impact, but it just seemed anti-climatic.

     But by far the worse thing I've ever seen at a videogame conference is now being announced.  Project Natal.  I've going on 40 years old, I've been gaming since 2600 days and after years of living a sedentary lifesytle, eating pizza, taking it easy, I don't have any use for a game controller that i going to have to make me use whatever physical abilities I have left.  Especially if it could totally replace standard controllers.  Trust me going on 40 years old with no muscle tone and being at least fifty pounds overweight, the best controller I can ever have is not me.

Microsoft's E3 2009 makes Nintendo's 2008 E3 look like the best one ever.

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Try harder, butthurt boy.

There is an official thread for discussion of the conference, please keep this stuff there:"


and Ogrekiller, watch the insults.




/pats txrattlesnake on the back

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it was going from OK to great with these:

Rockband Beatles(multi)
no charts(lol.... I wonder why)
Tony Hawk Ride(multi)
CoD: MW2(multi)
Joy Ride(XBL exclusive, free, but DLC not free, Kart ripoff, cater to casual)
L4D 2(360+PC) featuring all black people
Splinter Cell 4(360/PC)
Forza Motor Sports 3(exclusive, trying to cater to casuals ahahahahahaha!)
Halo 3 ODST(exclusive, visor and puzzles lol, metroid anybody?)
Halo Reach(exclusive, more Halo, sigh)
Alan Wake(exclusive, writer with guns? wtf)

to very mediocore(but counter PS3 before they even have a chance) :

XBL radio last.fm(gold member no charge. lol...)
XBL Netflix update
Zune Video 1080p Streaming(and server)
Facebook partnership, Facebook connect for games(PGA Tour first,) Twitter

to awesome(I feel bad for PS3 now =(   ) :

MGS Rising

to shit:

xbox natal camera motion control
jump around like idiots
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Xbox dress up for TEH teenage girls!!!!

steven spilberg talks, yay?

move your body ROFL like a raging idiot!

girl kicking balls

slop paints
elephant hahaha(girls's head in guy's ass rofl)

virtual boy pet from lionhead LOL!

nobody clapped to "you" being the controller lol, my god it was going so well then now it's crap, god damn it lol!