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So far I found it amazing.
And you guys urgently have to buy a widescreen monitor.






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Blacksaber said:
Words Of Wisdom said:

Blacksaber said:
IM is messed up...

Yeah, the IM is really screwy.  For some reason I don't see any messages in the chat for vgC 2.0 I made.
Ohh god quoting still brings up a giant white box it hurts!
I saw your IM's but it brought up another chat room for me which I can't speak in..

Very weird.  Hopefully we'll figure out the problem.


Turns out it's a bug in the chat if you put a period in the name.

Kind of looks like your generic video game website. I think it will get an 8/10. It should have legs though.

It will take some time to get used to.

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well ioi already knows what I think but I'll gladly restate my feelings.

This is a very professionally done website. As a former web developer this site is extremely well made down. Both him and his brother should be proud of what they accomplished.

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I like the layout but not the colours.
I liked the old colours better.

Now all the forums I belong to ark uber dark

Actually.... I think the whole idea of having the text specific to the company should be scrapped (Nintendo in blue etc)

It doesn't look good with the orange and there are looking down lists that swap between 4-5 colours is too much.

Instead... for the charts, just use the console column with it's different colours rather than having the game name also coloured.

for the front page with the news/hot topics section, have a similar system where there is just a small column with the seperate colours.


Otherwise, really good stuff.

So far I like the new site, I even noticed a Ghostbusters article I hadn't seen before.

My only complaint at the moment is we don't have our recent threads visible on the main page but I like being able to sort the hot topics by section.

Really not feeling it.Liked the old forum a whole lot better

Just my opinion.

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Yeah, scrolling through all those colors on black kind of makes me nauseous. :/