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I got this idea from IGN, there having a vote to see who'd win. So I figure VG Chartz is just as important, so let's see what VG Chartz thinks of this battle of the ultimate warriors.

The Hulk is raging monster and the angrier you get him the more powerful he becomes. He can lift up to 100 tons, has almost limitless strength, can withstand temperatuers up to 3,000 degrees fahrenheit and as low as -190 degrees fahrenheit. He also has great leg strength and can leap up to 3 miles in a single bound.

Now it seems as though Kratos would be in serious trouble meeting up with the Hulk but Kratos is the only one to take down an actual god. He has a insane amount of determination that makes him keep going even if he get's killed and sent down into Hades. He has killed many men and beast and his Athena blades is extremely deadly when in his hands. Kratos also contains many different powers and weapons from the gods.

So the big question is who would win?

It's hard to say, if the Hulk can get ahold of Kratos then he may be in deep trouble. But I think Kratos would pull ahead because of what he has done in the past. He's fast, has very powerful weapons and even if he get's killed he'd probably come back to life more pissed then ever and come after the Hulk lol

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Hulk, he would crush Kratos with one hand. It would be an awesome fight though.

Kratos. Hulk can kill him but Kratos can just come back from Hades.

Pixel Art can be fun.

Hulk, he would just toss Kratos in space and that'd be the end of it.

Kratos. Kratos can kill gods. Hulk = less than a god, meaning Hulk would get super killed

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Hulk beat Red Hulk who beat Thor who's a norse god.

^Kratos beats the shit out of Zeus, the most powerful God of Olympus.... Hulk makes more money though :P and gets the girl too (ocasionally :P)

Hulk could beat Zeus. No sweat either.

Hulk could beat Superman if he didn't automatically win every fight regardless.

^Hulk is not inmortal, he gets owned by Kratos.