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My hardest class was when i didn't actually have A class. For two years of my final degree the entirety of the coursework and examinations was case based. Meaning you would walk into an exam not knowing which one/ones of the seventeen university departments that were teaching us has been involved in putting the exam together. The biggest killer of all was the four and half hour, end of the year practical exam where anything we learned for the entire year was fair game. Not fun.

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hatmoza 2.0 said:


"In 1711, a group of alchemists seeking eternal life gathered on a boat to summon the "demon" that held the secret. The demon agreed to give them what they wanted—an elixir of life, the method to create more, and the secret to ending their new-found existence. The following night, alchemists began disappearing, "eaten" by one of their own. Realizing the threat posed by being close together, they decided to scatter across the world."

Sounds pretty interesting. Im assuming the guy in the middle of that picture is the same guy in your avatar. Well, theres nothing welcoming in that photo


WTF! Why so many?!

I don't know about education in USA but why do u want to take a biochem. course in the first place?


Hmmm.......... Japanese language. Do I win?

For one class we'd have 3 finals: a kanji/vocab test, a grammar/vocab test, and an interview to show off all the grammar and vocab from the whole year.

And that's why I'm getting a film degree in a few days.

math I hate math

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A2 for me which consisted of chemistry, biology, psychology and physics. First 3 years of dentistry were just terrible though, most depressing period of my life. Seniors treated us like shit; we had to do so many extracurricular activities. I made the mistake of mentioning that I ran and played football for my high school and next thing I am being dragged into all these retarded competitions in Uni.

All in all hard times are gone to the point that I can come on gaming forums and talk out my ass. :D


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Still in high school, so a tie between Pre/AP Algebra II and AP English III. At least I'll be ready for the AP exam tomorrow...