Which non main character should get their own game?

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Deadpool...Wolverine is on the mind right now!

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hsrob said:
killeryoshis said:
pikmin by themselves no olimar

Crazy, exactly the same thing occured to me when i saw YesWiiCan's sig.  I think it could be really interesting.

lol, i thought the same thing


Dark Star from No More Heroes.

Or Mr T from Earthbound. Oh wait....

Cole and Baird from Gears totally need there own game, there such better main characters than dom and marcus.

ps, this id my first post so hi.

ps ps, I'm quite drunk so my spelling may be crap.


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how about the boss from metal gear solid. she should have an interesting story

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Bullet100000 said:


*smacks head* how could i forget? SECONDED