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I'm from the Netherlands, also know as Holland,.. I'm Dutch..


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I'm Romanian.

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killeryoshis said:
dany612 said:
killeryoshis said:
I'm still not telling

Though my family does speak Spanish

hmmm....spanish=mexican. haha joking, he's a boriqua everyone!!

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Doesn't matter as they don't speak spanish

You are from the homeland of very fine music and dance, right?   

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mjk45 said:
brendude13 said:
Cross-X said:
Korean by blood but Australian by Nationality

That's a very wierd but cool combination.

Why there are lots of Australians with Korean ancestry.

Really? Didn't know that.

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american... east coast


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killeryoshis said:
Siko1989 said:
im half Australian, half American and half British...

Their is no such thing as 3 halves

yea 1.5 is made from it :). he means 3rd aussie, 3rd, USA and 3rd british.

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