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@kamal, you should try the whole world 2 before returning to Boletaria (world 1), that's what I always do. Piercing attacks are effective against the miners there, so take note, 'cause anything else at this point is useless. Soul arrow will be very helpful against the bearbugs later in 2-2. Stay away from 4 and 5 (shrine and valley) it'll be just too tough for you, I usually leave 5 for last. Remember to NOT consume the soul of the Flamelurker (2-2 boss) which you need to give to the blacksmith located at the bottom level (through elevator) at the beginning of 2-1, that will enable you to open up important soul upgrades for weapons/shields.



I found world 5 to be one of the easiest. You just need Yurt's armor and some Soldier's Lotus and you're good. Enemies are very easy and there's only one threat in the entire world. (big diseased guys in 5-2)


World 4 is tough, but the bosses are soooo easy.

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I was going to import...patience is a virtue.

hehe I'm really immersed aswell - began the game 3 days ago and Phalanx and Armed Spider already have fallen prey to me, whahaha ;)

next time I guess I'll try Tower Knight again (first time I teleported back, because there was nothing I could do)

Oh, we have new players! Good luck, guys.

Just beated the Armored Spider, and is far in the Tower of latria (3-1) how do you free Lord Rydell and can't find Sage Freke. Also how should I upgrade my Falchion its already Quality+2 should I just continuing upgrading it that way.

Whats the best Curved sword in the game?


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Living legend/guru Brad Gallaway from Gamecritics has reviewed the game, and he gave it a 9.5. Very well written and it got me even more interested in the game This guy nails it for me every single time - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is one.


thanks Mirson! Good review, added it to the OP. I wonder why he didn't complete the game before wiriting the review though.

Maybe I'm just too much of a skeptic, but I'm very pleased with the quality of reviews DS has got so far. I've only read one that struck me as bad was one from a relatively unknown outlet where he panned it for difficulty and technical issues.

Those fretting about difficulty can relax a bit. The difficulty is a bit overstated, and if you're having a ton of trouble on any particular level there is the option to summon a co-op partner.

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^ I don't see him giving it a rating, so I asume metacritic slapped the 95% on that review based on what he wrote?

edit: ah thx, I see it now ;) - good system to not give the rating away before the reader finishes reading the review

^ Go look at the paragraph right before "disclosures" and highlight the end.

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My manager got these gems from the GameStop Manager's Conference and gave them to me. :D

I also got a really nice God of War III name tag strap thingy. It's made out of much nicer material than I've usually seen. There was an Uncharted 2 one as well, but it used cheaper cloth, and a friend gnabbed it anyway.