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The title says it all. Say something about your Avatar evenif it is just a picture or video of them.



Here is stuff about my present Avatar:






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I fixed your embedding for you. If you are going to embed video like that, just edit then re-post.

If you just copy the URL and use the "embed media" button you don't have to edit your post.

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I Could'nt resist !

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So is that were Futurama got the inspiration?

d21lewis said:

Is that where Futurama got the inspiration?

antfromtashkent said:

I thought I recognized you Avatar. Nice. Is it a good series?

hatmoza 2.0 said:

I Could'nt resist !



It's the BEST movie out SO FAR. the song isn't bad. I love your picture its funny.

Your not gonna be on the news are you?