No, FFXIII will not be downgraded like GTAIV.

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This is a response to this thread that was locked for having no links.

The OP made comments to the effect that GTAIV was downgraded for both platforms of release (consoles) because of the weaknesses of one platform.  Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with his assessment that the PS3's memory problems quite possibly did result in both versions of the game looking and playing worse, I don't think that this is a foregone conclusion for FFXIII.

Now clearly the issues of disc space that may or may not have existed for GTAIV don't exist for FFXIII due to it's linear and therefore multiple-disk nature, but a lot of people, including RED53DEVILS, still fear that the PS3's memory weaknesses will result in the "downgrading" of the Xbox 360 version to match the potentially poorer performance of the PS3 edition. 

Given links such as this one highlighting the fact that the highly talented Assassin's Creed team were "struggling right now on the PS3" with regard to memory, I can understand RED53DEVILS' fears.

However, I do believe that the FFXIII team has a proven history of being far better coders than the Rockstar team that worked on GTAIV.  Whilst I as an Xbox 360 owner greatly appreciate this poster's fears on our behalf, I am sure that the team will have FFXIII running as well or nearly as well on the PS3 as it will on the Xbox 360, and that they will ensure the Xbox 360 is used as well as it can be.  This is probably made easier by the fact that the PC tools were the lead platform for both FFXIII editions.

This thread should stay open for comments, as Onyxmeth simply highlighted a lack of links as the reason for the last one being locked.


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This is just frustrating.
Regardless of how you spin it, the game is being delayed because of one platform.
And that has nothing to do with the PS3's "weak memory"

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Delayed because of one platform?

Please stick to the thread's content. This is about whether the game will be downgraded, not pushed back.

It is an insult to RED53DEVILS too belittle his argument. Not to mention the fact that work on an Xbox 360 version hasn't been started and it's already being delayed.

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When are you getting your PS3 mr. starcraft? Maybe in time for the release of FF XIII?

lol this is a joke thread right?

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yeah downgraded not, but maximized the potential is another...



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There is no need to be upset guys. 

Onyxmeth asked for links to back up RED53DEVILS' claims here.  I am always willing to assist the mods of VGChartz in their quest for truth and honour.

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