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Parasitic said:
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Garnett said:

IMO yes killing is better why? Because 90% of the time your killing the bad guy and they die fast where as the rapped girl has to sit thru the rapping and has to live her hole virtual life with that.


I'd be damn pissed if I had to sit through rapping.



 What's next? A game where you capture helpless victims, tie them to a chair, then force them to sit through an hours-long rapping session? Seeing Garnett's avatar, he'd have to be a playable character.

or COBY BRIAN?,...




''Halo reach''.. sell 7.m first week ,Believe¡¡¡¡¡¡







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While I find people who finds any kind of pleasure from these games (or any kind of rape-hentai) sick, I am against banning and censoring. Ban all you want, the problem is still there: people who actually enjoy this stuff.

And who knows, maybe some people wouldn't do these things in real life if they could do it in a simulator. Or they would do it anyway, I don't know...I would need some kind of study to have an opinion in that case.


About the comparison between rape and killing in games, there isn't that many violent games with the goal to get players turned on by shooting people. Also, there aren't many victims in violent games that discovers that they actually likes getting killed and begs for more...

Rape simulator should be banned there are enough sick, twisted, perversed, disturbed minds in America and through out the world. We do not want to add more fuel to the fire. Stuff like this should never be released.

In regards to violence in video games it is borderline. Rape which is sexual violence is not acceptable at all.

no its freedom of speech. but i do question the mental stability of anyone who plays this

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where can i download this?

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1337 Gamer said:
no its freedom of speech. but i do question the mental stability of anyone who plays this


And anybody who designs it, programs for it, and publishes it.

KillerMan said:
So killing is better than raping ?


at least niko looks badass while doing it

I would push a bill to ban it but that's just me. This is too far even for a free market guy like myself. A little restraint devs.....oh that's right resistance is futile to the Japanese pedophiles.

Agreeing to ban the things you find offensive is simply fuel for those who want to ban the things *they* find offensive.

When we ban stuff like this, we make it easier for Jack Thompson to succeed.

The responses on this thread are in line with what I expected.

A silly "rape simulator" is chastised because rape is not depicted as cool a crime as shooting cops in the face or taking bystanders as hostages and then shooting them in the head.

Indulging in violent sexual fantasies is somewhat seen as more pornographic than the accurate depiction of sawing an enemy in pieces with a chainsaw, blood spattering on the camera.

Please recognize that both sexual and non-sexual violence depiction are titillating dark fantasies that most people, consciously or unconsciously, have to deal with. And that morality separates those playing with rape simulators from real rapers as much as it separates all of us FPS lovers from shooting innocent people.

Everything else on the lines of "violence is bad, but rapers should be hanged by their nuts" is only macho bullshit. Try asking a woman.

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