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BengaBenga said:
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outlawauron said:

Tales of Vesperia?

I mean, ten people have to have it. I don't see it up there.

Tournaments are 5 people for a partial and 10 for a full one...  Tournaments only take place upon game release.

For a game to become platinum the requirement is 20 owners and less then 5 cannot have full achievements.

So, is there a chance there will be one for the European launch of the game? Maybe together with the US owners, but with some compensation time for Europe?

Btw: Now 2nd on RE5!

I'd be down with that. Although I do have a 70 hour head start. 

And about 200 points require at least two complete playthroughs. Haven't started 2nd one though.

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Eagles, just personally I would say Star Ocean is the better game. Just my opinion and its only based on 5 hours of gameplay verses about 35 in Tales.

SO4 is my favorite jrpg on the 360 (haven't played ToV or TLR). I've put more effort into it than any other 360 game I own. I've spent more time on the post-game stuff (bonus dungeons, quests/orders, item creation) than actually playing through the story. I'm around 125 hours, currently finishing up my 2nd playthough and am still not bored with the game yet. Seriously looking forward to chaos difficulty.

I think I will enjoy SO4 more as well just looking at it first impression wise, since I did enjoy IU. Thanks for your impressions.

enamrah, for a real challenge on achievements and just a great JRPG with strategy elements in it, you should really check out TLR.

I enjoyed IU as well, but my 2nd time through the game got boring real fast, it became a chore. I think mainly because the combat is a very dull and only controlling Capell gets old fast. SO4 is great because nearly every character has a different feel while in battle. The 1st playthrough I stuck to controlling 3 or 4 characters. 2nd playthrough I decided to mix it up and use the other characters more.

Also, I plan on getting around to ToV and TLR, eventually. I'm surprised to find the league high for TLR is only 380gs.

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I've just found out from my old mate ronster that I am in the new league can you please delete me as i do not wish to participate.


Thats because the big bosses only open up if you complete all the quests and grind alot to nearly god-like level. The good thing is the grinding is very fun.

You get 140G for the 2nd last boss and 200G for the ultimate boss, which only opens up if you finish all the side quests (and its easy to miss them) and stat build your characters properly.

hmm, that's a lot of gamerscore for only 2 achievements. Sounds like a challenge, which is good, because if I put in a lot of hours I'd don't want an achievement worth a measly 1 gs to pop (looking at you, IU).

Intentionally Blanked.

NeoRatt said:
yo_john117 said:
Where's Mirrors Edge for the platinum list?? I thought over 30 people owned that game.


 I go by the MyGamerCard Leaderboard for this league.  And it says we only have 17 tags right now.


bummer, such a good game.