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29 times? That's just insane. What kind of websites you visit? installmespyware.com? Heh j/k :P

Well, I think it actually dependes on the user. My Windows installations had always been heavily optimized, and I think all Windows installation need that, but most users prefer to format/reinstall instead of taking the hassle. In the last 5 years, I have only changed Windows 2 times: change from 2000 Pro to XP Pro, and when I finally got a DVD burner, so I did backups and did a fresh install to delete the partitions I had.

If you are willing to take the hassles of making Linux run fine, you can take the hassles of making Windows run fine too. But that's just me heh. I don't change to Linux because of games :P

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Look, it's not a religious war on anything. I think that if the people that could get the most out of it (All those who use just office and internet, for example) used it, they would have no problems, and the market would once again be competitive. Manufacturers and developers would make applications cross-platform. In the mean time, I am of the opinion that Linux is better for my needs, so I'll use it. However, I'm willing to try anything, and I wish those who say "I'm happy" would try it too: if they hate it, that's a justified response; if they like it, they can dual-boot with no loss of productivity. I'm also not saying Linux is the only option. Mac OS X, BSD, OpenSolaris and Unix are in many cases equally suitable and usually have all the advantages over Windows I listed above.

Ubuntu. Linux for human beings.

If you are interested in trying Ubuntu or Linux in general, PM me and I will answer your questions and help you install it if you wish.

I am a happy user of Yellow Dog Linux on PS3. I have not used a PC in my house in over 9 months now. I have everything I need for school, work, and gameing right on my TV in one box. For anyone looking at getting a new computer Go to www.Yellowdog.com and check out the deal for the PS3 with pre loaded Linux. I think you will be very happy with your purchase, and will not feel like you have lost anything by picking up this package. I have never felt better about bying a peice of tech than I have about buying this system, and I see no reason to ever pick up another windows based platform.


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Entroper said:

I've attempted to use Linux as my "main" operating system in the past year, Ubuntu 6 to be exact. I also run a very old installation of Fedora on my webserver (which is down until I finish unpacking from my move).


Most people would have to repartition their hard drive, and unless you're equipped with something like Partition Magic, that requires reinstalling Windows and all your Windows apps on a newer, smaller partition, and then installing Linux on another partition. It takes hours of use to acclimate yourself to a new OS. They have entire semester-long college courses on how to find your way around in a UNIX environment. People just don't have that kind of time.

That's just plain NOT true.

1. Insert and boot Ubuntu CD in your PC

2. Resize your current Windows Partition with GParted (takes 10mins)

3. Install Ubuntu (takes 20mins)

That's exactly the problem with people who "tried linux 2 years ago" and found it to be bad. 2 Years is a VERY long time in Computer science, so pleeeease only comment on current linux versions if you need to point out bad things.

Generally I don't like proselytization of any kind, but I do think that there's many Windows Users who just prejudice linux to be half-baked and don't know at all what they're talking about.


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fazz said:
Seriously, if you have the skills and knowledge to make everything run fine on linux, you can use those to make everything run perfect on Windows.

hmm? I didn't spend any time at all getting linux to run fine on my laptop. On the contrary, Everything worked fine out of the box and the only thing I had to install were the video card drivers (which were a two click process). I evenlogged onto the wireless network with no hassles and the latestalpha of Ubuntu supports my University's Wireless connection out of the box, something neither XP nor Vista can manage.

Compare this to Windows XP where I had to waste a blank CD just burning the ethernet drivers so I could download all the other drivers required (video card, wireless, USB, flash card reader, etc etc). Not to mention the constant reboots. I can install a fully functional Ubuntu system on my laptop within an hour, whereas Windows usually takes up an entire day.


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To Each Man, Responsibility

The main problem with linux is that it's much much harder to use than Windows. Could you really imagine sticking most first time pc users in front of any linux distro and them being able to use it well? I don't think so. Linux just makes too many easy tasks difficult. That and linux just doesn't have any media playing software as nice as windows media player.

As a side note, if you use linux there are still security holes. It's not bulletproof. It's still written by people.


cdude1034 said:

I don't see the relevence of this comment to the topic at hand, but, I have a buddy who managed to triple-boot his laptop to run XP, Linux, and Mac OS. Coolest stuff ever.

He said it was the hardest to get it to run all of the Mac stuff. I'm not a computer science major so I stopped listening after that :-/

 That's definately the way to do it. Pretty easy to do if you buy Apple hardware. Otherwise you have to be very careful what components you put in your PC, use a hacked version of Mac OS, and live in terror of system patches that touch drivers.

 It's probably what I'll do the next time I upgrade my hardware. It would help if I wasn't dropping hundreds of dollars on Wii games and controllers. >.<

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