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Im happy with my computer the way it currently is. Thanks though.

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I fully agree that Linux is the way of the future, rightly so. And a better future it will be. Already my company has switched to Linux, my family and friends all use Linux now, as well as I do at home and our church just got a new linux lab. The best linux distro out there is PCLinuxOS. It is freely available via .iso download from pclinuxos.com. It is KDE based (not gnome, like ubunutu) and is a livecd with all the multimedia stuff you need preinstalled from the get-go.. of course thousands more apps are available, free of charge, via synaptic (apt-get) ... point/click/install... easy as can be. Give it a try! Have absolutely nothing to loose. You can try the livecd without hd installation.. or install next to windows on your HD for dual boot, or over-write windows if you feel it is right for you to do. Or you can run windows within linux via vmware (an AWESOME solution). Peace.. BlueVette

Well, "video games" is a silly reason now to switch to linux. PC gaming always brings about the hardware upgrade/software upgrade spiral.. The new game "X" will play so much better if only I dropped another $400+ on a new graphics card, or got more ram, or got that new patch.. etc etc. However, there are wonderful consoles out there whose games are programmed for that hardware and run as well as they are meant to run.. sans upgrades, etc. Linux does have its selection of games as well.. typically larger ones like UT3, Quake4/Doom3, etc.. and things like second life are available, etc. And of course there is always emulation via cedega or vmware (excellent solution). But again, keeping your computer held-hostage by windows due to some games is silly. If you HAVE to have a native windows installation to run as a "game launcher" then dual boot windows and linux. Simple.

My reason not to switch: Sims

I love this game and it's about the only thing I play on computer so if I switch to something, it'll rather be Mac. No Linux for me sorry!

Switch to a Mac? errrm.. get ready to constantly drop $$ on that decision. Hey.. its totally cool if you don't want to expand your computer with Linux. Only person that looses out is you. I can't see a reason for not expanding the capabilities of your computer. Like I said.. install both windows and linux. Linux costs nothing to try and use. So, again, you are out nothing, but gain a lot. Again, your decision. We can only try to help by pointing out the sources for good linux distros.

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I dont have it on the ps3, and I wont get it on my computer no way.


leo-j said:
I dont have it on the ps3, and I wont get it on my computer no way.

Yeah.. cuz if you put it on your computer it will develop a crippling disease and start to smell like rotten toe-cheese right? Or you could just try a livecd of pclinuxos (from pclinuxos.com) without it even touching your hd. Or, again, install it along side windows. Saying "wont get it on my computer no way" is like saying.. My legs are fine... why have arms? You can have BOTH

rendo said:
There's one big issue holding mainstream Linux use back. Video Games. Once native support for games is available with Linux, then it'll become a huge success, until then, Windows is the primary way to go.

This is the truth. I use Linux for everything -- except (newer) games....


I would really like to see all developers switching to OpenGL eventually....then I can do away with Windows forever!

Right now I dual boot Fedora Core 6 and Vista *shudder*....I think eventually I'll have a quad-boot system: XP pro 32bit, Vista 64, OSx86, Fedora Core 7 :)

These pro linux people worry me. Kind of reminds of mormons knocking on my door offering salvation. The primary drive behind this seems an unholy religous war agaisnt Microsoft.

elendar - you know you want to switch to linux.....come join the dark side