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I dunno, even with my PS3, 360, and very awesome gaming PC I play my Wii as much as anything else. That said, my tastes are much more diverse than the average HD gamer. So for you, maybe not much.

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I love Nintendo 1st party franchises -- the games don't come fast, but they are always great games.

Other than that, I pretty much only use the Wii for party games, like Dokapon Kingdom, which its actually really great for, and SNES RPGs, which I have fun replaying from time to time. RPGs, unlike other genres, never really get too old to play, despite aged graphics, etc. IMO. =)

Euphoria14 said:
Of course I await a new Zelda and Mario game, although I would LOVE the original Zelda, remade to be 100% identical in gameplay, same camera angle and everything, only with some spiffy updated graphics. That is my Nintendo dream.


 You mean with a camera angle as in a side scroller Zelda??

(or if it was up and down in a labyrinth or something lol, I can't remember)

Zelda, Mario Kart, Mario platformers, Final Fantasy (when it comes out).

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I'm only looking forward to Dragon Quest X, I might buy the new Tales (when we get some info) and I propably will buy Zelda TP one day.

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Probably either Dragon Quest X or Zelda will get me to get a Wii.

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