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Since there are a large number of readers here from a huge variety of locations around the world, I thought I'd pose a question of profound world-wide interest.

Who, in your opinion, are the worlds finest chocolate makers?  Give me the top three, and in order to keep the "my neighbor makes the world's best" out, be sure that any companies you include in your list must sell chocolate at least 1000km away from the company's point of origin, either directly or indirectly.  No small-scale operations, please.

Try not to include chocolatiers in your list -- just chocolate makers.  The difference being that chocolatiers buy their chocolate from a chocolate maker, and often only make confections with it (although sometimes they will make chocolate bars as well).  Its not a big deal if you don't know about your favorite... just try not to, if you do know.

Compare solid chocolate bars only, however -- not chocolate covered candies.


In my opinion, world's top 3 (#3 and #2 have a huge number of near ties... but #1 is clear, IMO):

#3: Kschocolat (Scotland, United Kingdom)

#2: Dagoba (Pacific Northwest, United States)


#1: Blanxart (Barcelona, Spain)

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Cadbury (uk), the only chocolate maker I know. Eating some Dairy Milk right now.

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WessleWoggle said:
I'm not a big fan of chocolate.




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WessleWoggle said:
Nintendo Fan Girl said:
WessleWoggle said:
I'm not a big fan of chocolate.





Fine, I like white chocolate and chocolate peanut butter cups, and candy bars. But not normal solid chocolate. Yuck.



Any chocolate is good!

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1. Milka
2. Lindt & Sprüngli
3. Ritter Sport

I've tried all the ones listed by every poster (except slimebeast).  I have Lindt&Sprungli all the time... its easy to find in the States, and pretty decent.. Ritter is terrible though, IMO... even Nestle's European counterpart, Perugina, is better.  Ritter skimps on the cocoa butter in a big way.  Blanxart is chocolate heaven -- don't ever pass it up if you spot it, and you love chocolate.

I haven't tried any of those slimebeast listed. Are you from Germany/Central Europe, slimebeast?

I'm also surprised to not see any Italian chocolate makers listed thusfar (lots of good ones in Italy), although there perhaps are not as many readers here from southern Europe as there are from North/Central.