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Since the surge of many KZ2 threads, and even the request of a member for an official thread to be made, here comes it. Keep all the Killzone 2 discussion here

I'll be updating it with every review as they come by, if you find a new one, post it here so I'll add it.


Developer: Guerrilla Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertaiment

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Console: Playstation 3


Release Dates

America: February 27th 2009

Europe: February 25th 2009

Australia: February 26th 2009


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Gamepro: 5/5 (100%)
It took a long time for Killzone 2 to finally come out, but after diving head first into the game, there's no doubt in my mind that it lives up to the hype and is a must-play for FPS fans.

Official Playstation Magazine (US): 5/5 (100%)
"It's true that Killzone 2 is filled with moments that can handily be described as inspiring awe. Each scene is incredibly well detailed, from the gaps in jerry-rigged cover points letting you sneak in a killing headshot to scarred and scratched textures, the planet feels entirely believeable... Without a doubt Killzone fans, action and shooter fans of any stripe will instantly tag this sequel as a powerful contender for best game of 2009."

X-Play: 5/5 (100%)
Probably the tastiest part of the Killzone Cocktail is the Multiplayer. Imagine if Call Of Duty 4 and Team Fortress 2 had a baby, which they then abandoned and as a result had to learn a few new tricks to survive. That’s what Killzone Multiplayer is like.

Official Playstation Magazine (Australia): 10/10 (100%)
"We'll say it again: Killzone 2 is the best console FPS ever. It will be bested one day, and that is as it should be, but this game has set the proverbial bar so high we reckon it'll be the king for a long while. Hail to the king, baby"

Games.on.net: 5/5 (100%)
"I knew that Killzone 2 was going to be a big release for Sony, but I never expected to enjoy it, at the very least not as much as I have. Killzone 2 is one of the best shooters I’ve played in a long time, console or otherwise. With terrific A.I., fantastic visuals, solid gameplay, engrossing multiplayer and memorable storyline beneath the macho exterior, this is definitely not a release to skip. If you own a PS3 then buy it without question and if you don’t, well maybe it’s time you finally considered picking one up. The Playstation 3 has finally found its killer app."

TheSixthAxis: 5/5 (100%)

So, is Killzone 2 everything it’s meant to be? Does it live up to the hype? Of course it does, and thus it absolutely warrants a 5/5 score. It has its frustrating moments, it has its fair share of dull, lifeless blasting and, yes, it would have benefitted from a co-op option, but the problems are few and far between and stand out more because we so desperately wanted this to be flawless. For the most part Killzone 2 is utterly, mesmerisingly brilliant and polished to perfection: the gunplay is solid, the controls, once tuned to your liking are superbly weighted and intuitive and the action, when good, is relentless. Time will tell whether or not the single player campaign will be held in as high regard as we’d all want it to be, but right here, right now, this is as good as it gets.

Eurogamer.es: 10/10 (100%)
"But overall, it's a magnificent example of how videogames have managed now to break that invisible but huge barrier that is the 4th wall. Welcome, now truly, to the next-gen"

Eurogamer.pt: 10/10 (100%)
"Killzone 2 is without a doubt the high point for a project in videogaming. Believable, safe, coherent and above all, brilliant in its execution. A must-have for all those who love this art, especially for those in need of breathtaking experiences, where the different senses are laid on the table."

Gamereactor.se: 10/10 (100%)
Things in swedish. But they must have loved it

Spillmagasinet.no: 6/6 (100%)
Things in norwegian. They loved the game too

Konsolfin (Finland): 5/5 (100%)
Things in finnish. Guess what, they loved it too

GamePro TV (Spain): 10/10 (100%)
It's a video, watch it for yourself

PS3bloggen.se: 10/10 (100%)
"Killzone 2 is by far the best first person shooter on the PlayStation 3, with unprecedented graphics, impressive physics and a multiplayer experience that deserves to be played. Guerrilla Games have created an unforgettable action adventure with varied gameplay, intelligent AI and imposing enemies. You don't want to miss this game."

PS3inBasel.ch: 10/10 (100%)
Killzone 2 the Hype fair and spoils us with a Game OF the Year suspect combination of Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Both modes are adapted unmistakably to the Gamecommunity, the play experience remain constant on Top level. The play does not have serious weaknesses.

GamePlay Magazine (Croatia)
: 20/20 (100%)
When compared to all other console titles - while on PC Crysis remains only true competitor regarding graphics - Killzone 2 takes every of it's moment to justify it is the first true and pure Next-Gen title in every mean imaginable.

MEGamers: 99/100 (99%)
"After the recent buzz and hype behind Sony's upcoming FPS, I decided to sit down and spend some quality time with the game and I cannot deny the truth… Killzone 2 has made me a believer! We're surprised to see Killzone 2 blows our expectations out of the water with a memorable SP campaign and a stellar MP component. To put it short, this game makes Gears of War 2 look like a high school attempt at gaming and that is a HUGE compliment!"

PSX Extreme: 9.7/10 (97%)
Ultimately, we have a game that strikes the perfect balance between a single-player and multiplayer experience. Where almost all current FPS games boast a multiplayer component that is far and away better and more satisfying than the single-player experience, Killzone 2 boasts a single-player campaign that is every bit as much fun as the multiplayer - and that is truly a rarity.

576 KByte (Hungary): 9.7/10 (97%)
"Killzone 2 is one of the most gorgeous and atmospheric FPS ever released, surprassing easily everything the PS3 has to offer. It's easily one of the best games of 2009. What will happen with the franchise in the future? We hope that it will be successful, reaching heights of happines never reached before and bringing a real conclusion to the unfinished saga. When and how it will happen? Only God knows - he likes to be called Guerilla Games nowdays"

GamingHeaven.net: 96%
The graphics are beautiful and the AI is in a league of its own for adaptive and challenging game play - perhaps we are beginning to see the advantages of the Cell processor in the Playstation 3 when compared with the Microsoft rival. Single player is strong and good value for money and the deal is sweetened by substantial and diverse online multiplayer. If you own a Playstation 3 then you simply need to make sure you get this game in 2009.

Ferrago (Play.tm): 96%
Considering the worth of a lengthy campaign offering genuine challenge, thrilling local multiplayer with A.I. bots, and a layered online multiplayer component that's likely to be PSN's main point of attraction for the foreseeable future, it's clear Killzone 2 has taken the ever-so popular wheel, slapped a gorgeous chrome rim on it, drastically reduced its tyre profile, and applied a sense of balance never before felt on a wheel. Why then would anyone want to reinvent the wheel when the damn wheel never looked so good or rolled so well?

Vandal: 9.6/10 (96%)
"More things could be demanded from the game, like a bit more length, more variety in the endgame, and a coop mode, such "demandable" since Halo 3, but what it offers is enough to conclude that if you have a PS3 and at some point you liked first person shooters, you should be biting your nails till February 26th"

CloverPage (Norway): 96%
Things in Norwegian

1UP: A (95%)
Shooters have replaced fighting games as the most over-saturated genre in gaming today, and it's increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, with its unparalleled graphics, incredibly well-paced single-player campaign and in-depth multiplayer offerings, Killzone 2 has established its place among top-tier console shooters. Expectations on Killzone 2 had reached ridiculous proportions; here's one of those cases where the game actually lived up to them.

Playstation Universe
: 9.5/10 (95%)
For fans of the first person shooter genre, Killzone 2 is unequivocally the best thing to have happened to the PlayStation 3 thus far.

InsideGamer (Netherlands): 9.5/10 (95%)
"The great graphics, the very smart AI, the mind-blowing physics and the multiplayer mode you can play for months combined make Killzone 2 a true FPS-classic."

Gameplayer: 9.5/10 (95%)
"In our opinion, Killzone 2 has managed to avoid becoming a victim of the hype, but we still think it’ll be bashed by the same narrow-minded naysayers all the same. To those people, we say: experience it first (play, not YouTube), express your amazement afterwards."

Gaming Nexus: A (95%)
The PS3 finally gets a new signature title with a game that will have wide spread appeal. Killzone 2 sets new standards for graphics while providing a solid story with interesting characters. Co-op would have been nice addition but it's still the most fun I've had with a FPS game in a long time.

: 9.5/10 (95%)
Today it's been us. In some weeks, you'll be able to follow our steps and enjoy a game that reaches a new level, the first great game of 2009. And surely, one that will stay very long inside your PS3. Welcome to Helghan

Official Spanish Playstation Magazine: 9.5/10 (95%)
"The years of waiting have paid off. Killzone 2 is a masterpiece"

Evo-X (Germany): 95%
Quotation forthcoming

PSFocus.nl: 9.5/10 (95%)
Quotation forthcoming

PSX Extreme (Poland): 9+/10 (95%)
"PS3 finally has got his own Halo and Gears combined"

Play3 Live (France)
: 19/20 (95%)
Quotation forthcoming

PSLife Denmark: 9.5/10 (95%)
"The fact that Killzone 2 lives up to the visual expectations are incredibly impressive that the game is so much more than just an incredibly beautiful game, but also offers an entertaining singleplayer experience, a deep and tactical multiplayer and a gameplay that takes all the best from the best games in this generation and create a unique gaming experience is something you can not have nothing but respect for. Killzone 2 delivers on the graphic and manages to impress on all other aspects and that creates one of the titles that helps to define the Playstation 3 console."

IGN: 9.4/10 (94%)
"Killzone 2 is only a short month away from hitting shelves, but the game will definitely be worth the wait. The single-player experience is a truly enjoyable campaign across the Helghast home world that will test your skills, particularly on the higher difficulty levels, and the game simply looks phenomenal for a console shooter. But perhaps the strongest segment of the game is the extremely deep multiplayer, which gives seven basic classes with which you can create your own customized super-soldier after performing your class-specific duties. Not only did Guerrilla achieve a milestone of delivering a great exclusive title for Sony's PS3, it delivered one of the better shooters to come along in a long time. Get your hands on this game."

GameZone: 9.4/10 (94%)
This is quite a ride on several fronts – visually, aurally and in intensity. You will be challenged, but more importantly, you should have a lot of fun.

NZGamer: 9.4/10 (90%)
There’s much to celebrate in Killzone 2. A solid campaign, an ever-mutating multiplayer and a graphical leap for mankind. It is important however, to understand that underneath the veneer what we have is also very recognizable: this is still a game that includes token ‘red barrels’. For all its guts and glory, for all its taxing, gritty fortitude, Killzone 2 adheres too strictly to the rules of its genre to send itself into the stratosphere. What will stand the test of time is its pitch perfect grasp of said genre, its wonderfully taxing, take-no-prisoners assault on your senses and your trigger finger. It is the ultimate conservative First-Person-Shooter, whether it wants to be or not. And this is why it’s worth your bucks.

Hobby Consolas (Spain): 94/100 (94%)
"This game has been one of the "battle horses" of the PS3 since it was announced. There have been a lot of speculations about it. We¡re glad to announce thatt the game reaches those expectations, specially in the technical department, which is among the best we've ever seen. It doesn't invent anything new and it's very lineal, but that doesn't deter some intense and exciting matches. Besides, it has a stimulating and complete multiplayer. In all, it's a genre "crack" and one of the best titles there is for the console"

Gamepro (Germany): 9.3/10 (93%)
"Killzone 2 sets early and powerful enables you going into the middle of the war. Then, kept the pace throughout.However, this is also a small problem. While other shooters during the course of the season ever further increase remains Killzone 2 on a level. Only towards the end of the intensity is again tightened. Also not so thrilling: the almost 7 hours with relatively short season. But given the technical perfection, you can ignore.Killzone 2 is one of the games, the PS3 does not in any collection are missing and should be a real reason to buy console."

GamingXP (Germany): 9.3/10 (93%)
Quotation forthcoming

XGN.nl: 9.3/10 (93%)
Killzone 2 is a great game, and of course the pride of every Dutch gamer. All people who have long waited for the game will not be disappointed and the game with peace of mind purchase!

IGN UK: 9.2/10 (92%)
For a developer whose previous games have been little more than average, Killzone 2 is a landmark achievement. Guerrilla has pushed the boundaries of what we’ve seen on PlayStation 3 by creating an all-action shooter that’s far closer to the original E3 teaser trailer than we could ever have imagined. It’s not perfect, sure, but it’s arguably the best FPS on PlayStation 3 and one that is, in this reviewer’s opinion at least, superior to Resistance 2. It also hints at what the developer is capable of achieving next time round and, bearing in mind what Epic achieved with Gears 2 over the original, we cannot wait to see what Guerrilla does with the next game in the series. For now, if you own a PS3, Killzone 2 is a must-have. And if you don’t own Sony’s machine, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet to make sure you don’t miss out on what is truly an outstanding game.

Cheat Code Central: 4.6/5 (92%)
If you're a PS3 fanboy and were a little bit jealous because your "Xbot" friends were loving it up with Gears of War 2, don't worry too much. Killzone 2 is every bit as engaging as that title is. In fact, the story and characters are much more interesting and, dare I say, the graphics are even better. However, the lack of co-op features is a substantial misstep; anyone who has gone through Gears 2's Horde mode, blasting away with their buddies can tell you that.

Gametrailers: 9.2/10 (92%)
While Killzone 2 is not re-imagining the genre, it’s solid, beautiful, and challenging, with excellent multiplayer that makes it well worth the 60 bones. It falls short of legendary, but it’s sure to offer anyone who takes the plunge a visceral, tactical treat for the thumbs and eyes. It may be tough to get into, but once it gets its hooks in it won’t let go.

Official Playstation Magazine (Netherlands): 91/100 (91%)
"Brilliant lightning and a many details that make KZ2 the best game graphically available for PS3. The Cutscenes are amazing."

Eurogamer: 9/10 (90%)
"Killzone 2 is a taut and muscular game, a shooter that gives back more than you put in, provided you have the intestinal fortitude. It may take its time revealing its true depths and pleasures, but the journey is well worth taking. Between Killzone 2's unforgiving grit and Resistance 2's alien-bursting excess, the PS3 finally has both ends of the shooter spectrum covered in grand style."

GameSpy: 4.5/5 (90%)
Shooters are a dime-a-dozen these days, with many different variations to choose from. Killzone 2 manages to stand out from the pack thanks to its superb graphics, its unique setting, and its robust multiplayer offerings.

: 9/10 (90%)
So there you go. Although it’s not everything we’d hoped for, Killzone 2 does live up to most of its hype, and it’s unquestionably the most important PS3 game of early 2009. Throw in some obligatory collectibles (intel briefcases and breakable Helghast symbols), a wealth of Trophies and a couple of ridiculously difficult boss fights, and Killzone 2’s compelling story and tightly paced action (maybe a little too tightly paced) make it a game that no PS3-owning shooter fan should be without.

IGN AU: 9.0/10 (90%)
"End line, Killzone 2 is, by IGN's definition, outstanding. It is consistent in every respect and is testament to the talents of the developer as well as the power of the PS3 in the hands of a team that knows how to use the hardware - and who have the full support of Sony behind them. In the same stroke, it is not the be all and end all of console shooters, or even shooters on the PS3 - but if you've read this far and you're one of the Killzone devout, you probably won't care anyway. You can rest easy knowing it was ultimately worth the wait."

Gameplanet: 9/10 (90%)
Killzone 2 is a game which gives war a glorious edge. The cinematic style of the single-player campaign brings forth memories of classic war stories as an elite group of four soldiers battle against a malevolent enemy.

GamerNode: 9/10 (90%)
The single player campaign may be on the short(er) side, but the entire journey is action-packed and adrenaline pumping without any noticeable downtime. And the multiplayer may not offer all of the different modes some gamers are used to, but Warzone's unique customization capabilities offset that nicely.

Wired: 9/10 (90%)
While Killzone 2 does walk on mostly well-trodden ground, it does so with a keen attention to style and detail, pushing beyond the gray-and-red color schemes that define its competition while encouraging gamers to put a little bit of thought behind every bullet they hurl.

Kikizo: 9/10 (90%)
If it isn't the War To End All Wars some have prophesised, Killzone 2 is definitely the exclusive FPS your PS3 has been waiting for. While the intensity of the spotlight Guerrilla brings to bear on how you go about shooting stuff occasionally leaves its scenarios in the dark, those intimidating good looks, chiselled hide-and-seek engagements and savage online modes are plentiful compensation. After almost five years of infamy, the franchise has taken revenge on its critics

GameDaily: 9/10 (90%)
It's far from innovative as other games feature superior narratives and better multiplayer modes, but it's still an edge of your seat and bullet riddled extravaganza that begs to be experienced by anyone with a PS3.

TotalPlaystation: 9.0/10 (90%)
If not for the harmony of the online experience married to the single-player game, Killzone 2 may not have been nearly as amazing. But it does have both components, and they make for one of the single best values of 2009. Buy this game.


Eurogamer.it: 9/10 (90%)
"Killzone 2 is one of the most anticipated PS3 titles. From our part, we're happy to say that that anticipation has not been in vain"

Videogamer: 9/10 (90%)
Killzone 2's been hyped waaaay, too much, of course. And, no, it doesn't live up to the hype, because if it did it would be the greatest FPS of all time, which it isn't. But it is the best PS3-exclusive to date. Better even than LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4. Two years into the console's life cycle, the undoubted graphical potential of the machine has been realised - Killzone 2 unleashes the power of the PS3 - nothing on any console comes close. The sheer OMG!-ness of the experience makes Killzone 2 worth buying a PS3 for. And, given how much they cost, that's one hell of a compliment.

Cynamite.de: 9/10 (90%)
At first glance its graphics will simply blow you away. Unfortunately the looks are the only truly sensational thing about this game. Sure, level design and AI are outstanding. But whoever was hoping for the Uber-Shooter could be disappointed by the lackluster boss fights and the mediocre weapon and enemy variety. Still: Whoever owns a PS3 has to play this game!

Official Playstation Magazine (Portugal): 9/10 (90%)
"Killzone 2 is one of the best action games available for the PS3"

Official Playstation Magazine (UK): 9/10 (90%)
"Visually it's so far ahead of anything else out there it shatters your expectations...This is a PS3 showing what it's truly capable of and delivering a landmark piece of explosive entertainment you can't afford to miss."

Level 7 (Sweden): 9/10 (90%)
"Guerrilla Games has created a fantastic game engine. I have never been this impressed by a game, technically, the past and the brownish design fits me perfectly.The campaign is something awkward, too short and with too little variation, but also contains a couple of scenes that are very memorable.The weapons are extremely successful and feel as realistic future versions of today's military equipment.More game modes are the most fun I have experienced outside the Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Killzone 2 delivers simply at all levels and is a must in your game shelf."

Everyeye.it: 9/10 (90%)
"Killzone 2 is a statement of intent, a military assault conducted in due form against the bulwarks of the genus to which it belongs."

Gamereactor (Finland): 9/10 (90%)
Things in finnish

Gamereactor (Denmark): 9/10 (90%)
"Killzone 2 is unmatched entertainment in the high-end gaming business. It is a product that shows what a PlayStation 3 can do, when a team game enthusiasts have both skills, time and money to practice their dream of the ultimate action experience."

Gamereactor (Norway): 9/10 (90%)
Things in Norwegian

Game Informer: 8.75/10 (88%)
With the exception of its stunning graphics, Killzone 2 doesn’t do a whole lot that you haven’t seen before in other titles. But what it does do, it does with aplomb.

ComputerAndVideoGames: 8.7/10 (87%)
For the stunning single-player campaign alone this is a game worth getting very excited about. Killzone 2 is the loudest blockbuster on PS3 and the first must-have FPS of 2009 for PS3 fans.

Level (Sweden): 8/10 and 9/10 (85%)
"This is a game that you can show in a store for 10 minutes and make everyone who sees it be convinced in the brilliance of the Playstation 3 hardware."

UGO: B+ (85%)
Killzone 2 is a tale of two cities. There’s the campaign, which is a fine but forgettable jaunt through a series of FPS clichés. And then there’s the multiplayer, which is a slick, addictive experience that’s not to be missed. In the end it just depends on what you’re looking for.

Jeuxvideo (France)
: 17/20 (85%)
"It remains an exceptional title that'll mark for long time PS3 owners and that will set quality standards that will be hard to forget easily"

Total Video Games: 8/10 (80%)
Undoubtedly a visual masterpiece that proves the PS3 does have the power to carry the format forwards, KillZone 2 is a wonderfully solid and entertaining first-person shooter.

Empire: 4/5 (80%)
"For a four-star game, there's a lot broken in Killzone 2. The acting is appalling for starters, with a shitstorm of two-bit actors hamming their way through the story and rotting any sense of immersion. The lack of a co-operative mode – something the developers promise will be corrected with a download post-launch – is also criminal as fighting alongside companions is one of the solo game's main draws, and there's a nagging sense of déjà vu throughout as the interplanetary plot feels like every other futuristic blaster you've played in recent months."

Edge Magazine: 7/10 (70%)
But without the first game’s ambiguities,‭ ‬a sense of humour or even an ounce of‭ ‬intrigue,‭ ‬its story stinks.‭ ‬It’s so slight you could play the levels in random order to‭ ‬little ill-effect,‭ ‬and it assumes knowledge of everything and everyone,‭ ‬not once recognising the real-world echoes of its premise:‭ ‬an allied invasion of an enemy‭ ‬the allies themselves created.‭

Maxim: 3.5/5 (70%) (not counted into average due to unanimous request of the thread posters)
"Impressive lighting effects, motion blur, and graphics make this first person shooter the hottest girl at the ball, if not quite the best dancer."

Tek.no: 6/10 (60%)
Killzone was not a particularly great game, and I have not had any major hopes to deuce. It turned out to be the best since the game seems totally divergent with what the rest of the Internet seem to expect of it

Total added:6859/74

Current Metascore Average: 92.69% (based on 74 reviews)


Opening video (HD in http://www.gametrailers.com/player/44579.html)

The infamous E3 2005 trailer, for anyone that wants to compare it to the game

Some GIFs (thanks to Shmup and MM)


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As much as I appreciate the effort you put in into making this thread..
Are you even interested in this game Zex?

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As much as I appreciate the effort you put in into making this thread..
Are you even interested in this game Zex?

Nope, not at all.

Just offered my services...and I'm in this for the money

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this game is so fucking awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think

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I love the boxart, and I can't wait to play this game's single player mode! I liked Killzone on the PS2. Even though it was very generic, it was a good "generic" shooter.

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Good idea. But, wasnt there a review of 76 lately?

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Why is Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 getting so much hate? We finally get a real game and they're not even satisfied... I'm starting to hate the gaming community so f****** much...

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colonelstubbs said:
Good idea. But, wasnt there a review of 76 lately?


I hope you are being sarcastic.